Verification of electronic documents issued by UPF

Welcome to Pompeu Fabra University's Electronic Document Verification Service.

Using this service, interested parties, third persons and institutions can confirm the validity and authenticity of the information in a document originally issued by UPF identified with a secure verification code (SVC).

This service is particularly useful when a citizen has printed the electronic document and presents it in another public office, as the office can check the veracity of the documents submitted and that they have not been altered.

To validate a document you have to return to the previous page, called Verificació de documents electrònics emesos per la UPF (Catalan) or Validación de documentos electrónicos emitidos por la UPF (Spanish). Once you have accessed one of these pages, must enter the secure verification code that is included in the document (in the left-hand margin) in the box highlighted in red and press the Envia la consulta

More information

What is the secure verification code (SVC)

The SVC, or secure verification code, is a series of digits that provide a unique identification code for any electronic document issued by the University.

This code is printed on all the pages of each document and enables a comparison with the original electronic document, making it a genuine copy.